Eat Me & Drink Me

  • 07:32:49 pm on January 26, 2010 | 0
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    Sangre de Crista
    This is a photo of Jorge’s scene at the very end. Jorge had really strange ideas about food. It was he who suggested in the very beginning that God could be a cannibal- that this concept was possible to think. Jorge thinks. Eseohe is being devoured. Again, Wura is separated though joined by Skype. Wura keeps asking, “Where am I?” Doug behaved rudely but he was required to by the script and so, he was actually behaving submissively, although he was rude. Eseohe does not really want to be touched. In general, she is a solo dancer. Rosamond is not here again but we have made an invisible space for her above our heads. Rosamond is looking down on us but she is not here, so we decide she is invisible. In this scene, drinking the blood of Christ gives rise to many contradictions. Why do we drink Christ’s blood? It tastes of cannibalism.
    Sangre de Crista


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