Eat Me & Drink Me

Douglas Allen

Douglas Allen is the author of the poetry collection, Weathervanes, from Feral Press. A New Yorker since 1998, he received his education at Michigan State University, where he received his B.A. in Theatre. He is possessed by light and heavy butoh, is a member of Ollom Movement Art, and studied with The American Mime Theatre for eight years. A few of his favorite things are the film Dead Man, the band Fever Ray, and purple owls.

All five characters are in a cyclical loop, repeating the same gestures/phrases four times (each cycle lasts about 4 minutes). The Celebrity (Eseohe) is looking for a dramatic walk off partner, and poses statuesque, with high held expression (mask). She says “carved into bedrock” as she carves her Hollywood star. The Lover (Wura) is fed by love (eats/dismisses food brought to her) and is also fed by physical love, having contact with others. She says “Another one!” God (Doug) cooks for Lover, and is the calm, exciting host. Alice (Rosamond) portrays the growing and shrinking. She has a game under her arm (Chutes and Ladders), and she fidgets. Jesus (Jorge) is airy and cries (strictly butoh).


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