Eat Me & Drink Me

Wura Ogunji

Wura-Natasha Ogunji is a visual artist and performer.  Her work investigates the connections between physical actions of the body, memory, history and power.  Her performance works include videos in which she engages her own body in explorations of movement and mark-making across land, water and air.  As part of the National Performance Network’s inaugural Visual Artist Network Residency (2009), Ogunji premiered her performance work ‘Soundings: a choreography of power as located in the black female body’ at Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami.  Ogunji has performed in award-winning theatre productions including ‘HUSH’ at the Off Center and ‘T.A.G’ at FronteraFest 2009.  She has participated in residencies at Can Serrat in Spain and Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic.  She has received grants from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, the Idea Fund and the City of Austin.  Selected exhibitions include Négritude at Exit Art (NY), Screwed Anthologies at labotanica (Houston) and New American Talent: The 22nd Exhibition at Arthouse at the Jones Center (Austin, TX).  She has exhibited at The Oakland Museum of California, Intersection for the Arts and Galería de la Raza in San Francisco.  Ogunji has a BA from Stanford University (Anthropology) and an MFA from San Jose State University (Photography).  She lives in Austin, Texas.  Her work may be viewed here: 

‘I too must eat and devour’ considers GOD to be the primal voyeur.  As such, GOD is concerned with images, rather than real people or flesh and blood.  GOD watches the audience, ALICE, CELEBRITY, and THE LOVER as they appear on-screen (projections on the theater stage).  In this work, the self-conscious CELEBRITY gains a sense of her own humanity through her loving LOVER.  THE LOVER discovers CELEBRITY’s vulnerabilities and still loves and desires her.  The ever-curious ALICE observes and mimics CELEBRITY’s actions, thereby discovering her own sense of self and desire.  GOD devours all.


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